West Point Grey 8

West Point Grey 8

Architect: BattersbyHowatt Architecture

Builder: Natural Balance Home Builders

Glazing systems: Reynaers CW50 curtainwall, skylight roof hatch, CP 155 slider, Reynaers CS77 swing doors

Exposure rating: 4 

West Point Grey 8

We are honored to be a part of this one-of-a-kind project located in desirable Vancouver’s Mackenzie Heights neighborhood. The complicated positioning of the lot presents a unique challenge, but SGS is proud to rise to the occasion by providing custom high-end glazing solutions. The house is designed to take full advantage of the stunning views while preserving the homeowner’s privacy and intimate spaces. The innovative design features a stepped back east side of the house, which increases the view corridors and adds beautiful architectural angles seamlessly integrated throughout the home.

This project showcases a floor-to-ceiling curtain wall system on the main floor, thoughtfully divided into several bays, each featuring a unique ‘bird’s nose’ structural mitre component to enhance the architectural aesthetic. The inclusion of a CP155 sliding system to the back, large windows in the upper bedrooms, and mitre glazing in the master ensuite further add to the project’s exquisite attention to detail and design functionality. The structure is completed with extensive use of flashing panels and loads of flashing, illustrating the meticulous craftsmanship involved in glazing work and our commitment to delivering visually striking and high-quality constructions.

This project perfectly demonstrates how glass, metal, and wood can complement each other and enhance individual features. The freestanding architectural concrete wall provides a sturdy and robust foundation, while the custom wood slat railing adds warmth and texture to the design. The expansive glazing brings light and transparency to the space, maximizing the breathtaking views and seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Each material has unique qualities, but together they create a harmonious and cohesive design. The metal and wood balance each other with contrasting textures, while the glass provides a visual connection to the surrounding landscape. This project showcases the beauty and versatility of these materials and how they can be combined to create a truly remarkable and functional space.

Working on architecturally unique designs and implementing innovative approaches to glass use is one of the most exciting aspects of Summit Glazing Systems’ work. As custom glazing specialists, they have earned a reputation among architects, builders, and homeowners throughout Vancouver and British Columbia for delivering exceptional glazing installation services for over two decades. The opportunity to bring creativity and uniqueness to each project sets us apart and drives us to push the boundaries in the world of glazing constantly. If you are looking for a company specializing in custom glazing solutions, look no further. Contact Summit Glazing Systems today to book a consultation and experience the best in glazing installation services.