Roberts Creek

Roberts Creek

Architect: Mobius Architecture

Builder: Spani Developments

Glazing systems: Schüco AWS 75.SI, 7 ASE 67.PD minimalistic sliders

Exposure rating (1-5): 3

Roberts Creek

Summit Glazing Systems is participating in the construction of a contemporary seaside home. This is a unique opportunity for our company to showcase our expertise and commitment to quality.

The glazing systems’ goal is to bring the beauty of the outside in, with a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces. Large windows and doors will allow ample natural light to enter the home, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.

This stunning property is designed to offer unobstructed, gorgeous views of the ocean, made possible by the strategic implementation of large expanses of glass. The design includes five large Schüco AE 67 PD sliders, a premier choice in glazing systems known for their sleek design and seamless functionality, allowing occupants to enjoy the panoramic vista. Additionally, two smaller systems have been installed in the lower bedrooms, ensuring that every corner of the home benefits from the blend of natural beauty and innovative glazing design.

The latest materials and techniques are being utilized to ensure the glazing systems are both functional and energy-efficient. Additionally, advanced sealing methods will prevent air leaks and drafts.

Aesthetics are also a key consideration in the design of glazing systems. The modern, minimalist style will complement the home’s overall architecture, while the hardware will be kept to a minimum to allow the views to take center stage.

At Summit Glazing Systems, we are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services. Our involvement in this seaside residence project is a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results. We are excited to bring this beautiful and functional glazing system to life.