Architect: Frits de Vries Architect

Builder: Natural Balance Home Builders

Glazing systems: Reynaers CW50, CP 155 sliding doors, Minimalistic slider, sliding windows

Exposure rating (1-5): 5


In the world of architectural design, every assignment is a journey that starts with an idea and culminates in the manifestation of a creative vision. This project gave us an opportunity to delve into the vast realm of architectural glazing and showcase our precision and artistry. Our team meticulously examined every aspect of the project to ensure a seamless and impeccable execution.

This project introduces a massive staircase curtain wall system that impressively spans from the basement level up to the roof line, with a compound mitre adding a unique architectural dimension to the south façade. It features a huge CP155 Lift and Slide on the top floor and a European minimalistic slider on the main floor, accompanied by several mitre window conditions and floor-to-ceiling curtain wall systems, underscored by an immense amount of flashing. Our dedicated crew worked meticulously on every silver metal element in the project. An enormous amount of work was carried out, including flashing, rooftop wing flashings, spandrel panels, corner panels, parapet caps, and more, reinforcing our commitment to detail, craftsmanship, and the successful execution of complex glazing designs.

We brought the architect’s design to life by incorporating highly personalized and oversized glazing systems, emphasizing the versatility and beauty of glass. Our skilled and enthusiastic crew expertly installed every metal component of the project, showcasing our steadfast commitment to excellence and new accomplishments. It was a pleasure to work alongside Natural Balance Home Builders, whose collaboration and contributions were critical in turning this architectural dream into a stunning reality.

As we look back on this incredible experience, we are thankful for the chance to collaborate with Frits de Vries Architect, whose vision and enthusiasm inspired us to explore uncharted territories in architectural design. This project was a turning point for growth and innovation and will remain a shining example of what can be achieved when we tap into our full potential and push the boundaries of our imagination.