Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Architect: John Henshaw Architect Inc.

Builder:  Teragon Developments

Glazing systems: Reynaers curved curtainwall systems with operables, Reynaers swing doors, Reynaers bi-fold door, Schüco AD UP 75 doors

Exposure rating (1-5): 5

Marine Drive

Summit Glazing Systems, a leading provider of architectural glazing solutions, participates in the project that showcases the company’s expertise in offering and installing unique, non-standard shapes of glass. The project involves the installation of three massive curved glass units in a residence located along Marine Drive in White Rock. The location offered stunning ocean views to the south, which the curved glass units emphasized and provided a feeling of openness and connection to the outdoors.

This project showcases the innovative potential of modern glazing, featuring three maxed-out curved curtain wall systems – one stacked and one standard with two operables – providing a seamless, panoramic outlook. The incorporation of both Reynaers and Schüco swing doors, renowned for their aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, further enhances the architectural sophistication of the structure. The design’s crowning glory is an amazing southern view, beautifully framed by the expansive use of glass, creating a living space that harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment.

The three massive curved glass units are the centerpiece of the design, providing natural, organic shapes to the space. The glass units seamlessly integrate the interior with the surrounding architecture, creating a beautiful and cohesive space.

The project demonstrates our ability to push the limits of modern architectural designs while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Using non-standard shapes and continuous curves creates a unique space that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings and maximizes stunning ocean views. Our team is proud of this project and looks forward to continuing to provide innovative glazing solutions to clients.