Telegraph Trail

Telegraph Trail

Architect: X Architecture

Builder: Shirmar Construction

Glazing systems: Minimal sliding doors, minimal windows, ADS 75 swing doors, FWS35 curtainwall

Exposure rating (1-5): 4

Telegraph Trail

This modern home is situated on a large rural lot in the Fort Langley area. It features an open-plan living area extending onto an outdoor terrace and an entertaining area around a pool. The design of the home is characterized by its elegant form and structured massing, with a strong emphasis on horizontal lines.

The architects behind this modern home have taken inspiration from the area’s natural beauty and have created a design that seamlessly blends with the surroundings. The use of cantilevered planes and flat roof lines connected by bands of glazing creates the impression of a lightweight, floating structure. This approach not only adds to the home’s overall aesthetic but also enhances the energy efficiency of the building by allowing more natural light to enter the interior spaces.

One of the standout features of this modern home is the use of a European minimal glazing package, which provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. The floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors, along with several mitre window and door systems, pocket sliding doors, an 800lb glass front pivot door system, and circular glazing create a beautiful and unique look that makes this home a true masterpiece. The use of minimalistic glazing has made it possible to create an open and inviting atmosphere while maintaining a modern and sophisticated look. This project is a tribute to Summit’s most significant achievements in minimalistic glazing, and it is a true representation of our commitment to excellence.

Summit Glazing Systems has built a reputation for providing high-quality custom glass installation services of varying difficulty and shape. Our expertise in glass installation is evident in this modern home, where precision and attention to detail are showcased in every corner of the building. If you plan to build a custom home in the Metro Vancouver area or the rest of BC, it is worth considering Summit Glazing Systems for our expertise in glass installation services.