Architect: BattersbyHowat Architects

Glazing systems: Metro Aluminum CW, Metro Vents, Metro Slider

Exposure rating (1-5): 3


In the world of architecture, modern design has significantly impacted the landscape of many cities. Vancouver is known for its signature modern architectural elements that have come to define the city. One such example is a project designed by BattersbyHowat Architects that emerged as one of the first examples of contemporary West Coast design.

This project utilizes a simple combination of materials to achieve a sleek and modern look. Fiber-cement panels and fiber-cement siding of various widths are used throughout the building, while feature cedar slats are used on some walls and railings. The balcony is cleverly recessed within the structure to provide shade and rain protection, making it a functional and practical addition to the home.

An intense courtyard installation spanning three floors upward showcases an intricate blend of skill, precision, and dedication to the craft of glazing. The job involved an incredible amount of flashing and panel work, intricately assembled to ensure the structure’s stability, integrity, and aesthetic appeal. This accomplishment further emphasizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural glazing, employing advanced techniques and thorough craftsmanship to turn complex designs into structural realities.

Inside, the design offers a lot of privacy for the residents, creating a personal space tucked away from passersby. However, the back of the house features extensive glazing that connects the interior spaces with the expansive open backyard, playing a significant role in the overall design. This design choice allows plenty of natural light to flow into the home, making it bright and inviting.

Summit Glazing Systems was thrilled to participate in this project, which allowed us to showcase our expertise in glazing. We specialize in the extraordinary and always are up for the challenge of new ideas. Working on architecturally unique designs and distinctive approaches to glass use is one of the most appealing parts of what we do.

Summit Glazing is an excellent choice for anyone considering a project involving glazing. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation. With our experience and expertise, your project will surely succeed.