Rosie Bay

Rosie Bay

Architect: AA Robins Architecture

Builder: Preform Construction

Glazing systems: Metro Aluminum CW, Metro vents, Metro Slider

Exposure rating (1-5): 4


Rosie Bay

Nestled in the breathtaking Tofino on Vancouver Island lies a unique architectural project designed by the renowned AA Robins Architecture. This magnificent building is a testament to the perfect symbiosis of structure and nature, with the stunning ocean just 15 meters away serving as the centerpiece of the design. The building was imagined around the concept of a private courtyard, with the five bedrooms arranged in a “U” shape above it, their corridor featuring low, thin windows that offer views down to the courtyard and up to the sky.

The secondary building is an “L” shape, with the cantilevered end supported by galvanized steel stilts chosen to complement the nearby thin silver cedar trunks. The roofs are covered in green moss, adding to the harmonious blend of manmade structure and natural beauty.

The residence’s interior is characterized by an all-white palette, with expansive glazing systems allowing seamless views of the rugged ocean and forest. The talented crew at Summit Glazing Systems executed the glazing, utilizing the latest innovations in the industry to frame and highlight the breathtaking views. The building was the first house delivered by a prefabrication factory partnered with AA Robins. It was designed to meet high seismic requirements, with 600mm steel “I” beams supporting the double cantilevered wings and twenty modules comprising the 600 sq.m. home and studio.

This project showcased our ability to execute custom glazing installations, even in the most challenging environments. Our commitment to delivering the best results for our clients has solidified our position as the premier choice for custom glazing in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. We are proud of our talented crew and their ability to bring the latest innovations in the industry to life. We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a team of seasoned glazing experts for your next project. We are confident that our experience and commitment to excellence will make us the perfect partner for your vision.

2023 UPDATE: The most outstanding and unique architectural creations are often situated in remote and challenging environments. But even the most durable constructions may require adjustments and updates to ensure their longevity as time passes. Summit Glazing Systems were honored to be involved in making the necessary updates to AA ROBINS Architect’s iconic Rosie Bay project.

The original swing door was reconfigured, and concealed door closure was added to minimize the impact of wind gusts on the door’s operation. These updates allowed for smoother operation and improved performance in the face of strong winds and other environmental challenges.

Frames were treated with an Effector coating to provide additional protection against the corrosive effects of the marine environment. This advanced protective layer helps to ensure the structure’s long-term resilience in the face of harsh coastal conditions.

Recognizing the need for hardware that could withstand the rigors of the coastal environment, our team specified handle and mechanical components with marine-grade protection. These high-quality materials ensure that the Rosie Bay project’s doors and windows will remain functional and resistant to corrosion for years to come.

Our work demonstrates that even the most ambitious architectural designs can be maintained and enhanced to hold out against the test of time and the elements.