Residential, Swing/Slider/Eclipse Doors & Commercial Glazing

Summit Glazing Systems Inc. are experts in the Residential Glazing (Windows, Glass Walls, Floor to Ceiling Glass, etc) as well as the integration of Folding, Sliding Glass Panels, Walls, Windows and Doors for residential purposes.

Our attention to detail and ability to customize the installations for almost any style, format or type of architectural design makes our company stand out. We have worked with a number of top level residential designers/architects and some of the best builder/developers in the Vancouver Lower Mainland (and beyond).

Our 40+ yrs of experience in this specilized field gives us the knowledge and trust that designers and builders look for when creating these types of custom, above standard types of homes that exude luxury and demand attention. 

Summit also has a long history of experience with custom Commercial Building Glazing as well. With commercial doors, sliding entrance doors, custom windows, skylights being part of the service packages available.

Below are descriptions of some of the glazing services our company provides.

Residential Glazing

Our Residential services include:

  • Curtain wall & storefront glazing
  • Custom flashing and panels
  • Skylights and Daylighter openings
  • Aluminum nail on windows
  • Offset and interior glazing
  • Railings


Swing/Slider/Eclipse Doors

Our Swing/Slider/Eclipse Door services include:

  • Aluminum framed Door
  • Individual glass pivot doors
  • Sliding doors (Minimal/Western Windows)
  • Eclipse folding doors (Stella/Minimal)


Commercial Glazing

Our Commercial services include:

  • Curtain wall & Storefront glazing
  • High rise swing stage replacement glazing