Tswwassen Res. Project

Tsawwassen Residence – One of SG's more profound accomplishments, this beach based home is sheer beauty. The owner of this project was one of the crews favorite clients and drove them hard to perfect the glazing component. With several acute and obtuse miter windows, several Lift and Slide (www.mglass.ca) openings and extensive flashing contribution it is a crowning success.

Stunning Look

Split Garage/Entrance Way with pinnacle rooftop observatory makes this a one-of-a-kind design.

Customized Installation

Acute & Obtuse-angled window walls add to this complex, interesting creation

Unique Architecture

Triangular walls/windows along with the pinnacled rooftop room make this a stunningly unique design.

Incredible View

Nestled into the beach this home has an incredible look and view from the inside and out.