Point Grey

Point Grey

Architect: Scott Posno Design

Builder: Shed Custom Homes

Glazing systems: Schüco AWS 75.SI Windows, AD UP 75 Swing Doors, European Minimalistic Sliders, Stella Rooftop Hatch

Exposure rating (1-5): 4

Point Grey

Summit Glazing Systems was commissioned to work on a stunning modern residence in Vancouver’s highly sought-after West Point Grey neighborhood. With its prime oceanfront location, this luxurious property called for expansive glazing systems to accentuate the breathtaking views and create a seamless connection between the interior living spaces and the surrounding natural beauty.

This property boasts gorgeous views of the Northern English Bay mountains, beautifully framed by a massive glazing unit in the bedroom, ensuring an immersive living experience. The design further includes three European minimalistic sliding doors, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, adding to the aesthetic appeal and functional versatility of the home. A unique feature is the automated Stella rooftop skylight hatch, a testament to the integration of modern technology and traditional glazing techniques, enhancing the natural light intake and contributing to the overall architectural sophistication of the property.

Our expert team employed innovative methods and state-of-the-art materials to bring this ambitious vision to life, working in a very tight space. That is why it was necessary to collaborate closely with the architectural team to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to the residence’s unique requirements.

The design incorporated large, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors that provided an expansive ocean view and ease of access to outdoor living spaces. These glazing systems emphasized the stunning vistas and allowed abundant natural light to flood the interior, further enhancing the home’s open and airy atmosphere.